Joe Pitts Discography
  Joe Pitts
10 Shades Of Blue
jpb3 Joe Pitts
One More Day
1. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
2. Crosseyed Cat
3. Clouds On The Horizon
4. Pain In The Streets
5. Freedom From My Demons
6. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
7. I'm Worried
8. No Stranger To The Blues
9. Walkin' On Sunset
10. World Keeps On Turning
1. Lowdown Mean and Dirty
2. Midnight Blue
3. Soul Satisfyin'
4. One More Day
5. Multicolored Memories
6. Boulevard of Dreams
7. Voodoo Trane
8. You Say You Love Me
9. Lie To Ya' Mama
10. Hellhounds on Rose Hill
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Joe Pitts: Ten Shades of Blue
Joe Pitts Band
One NightOnly
Joe Pitts
Just A Matter Of Time
1. Blue Light Rain
2. Blackout
3. Outskirts of Town
4. Step Into The Dark
5. Tales of Brave Ulysses
6. Just a Matter of Time
7. Lonesome Boy From Yesterday
8. Zambified
9. Mr Big
10. VT Inst #6 Jam
1. Blue Light Rain
2. Nickle and a Nail
3. Lonesome Boy from Yesterday
4. Just a Matter of Time
5. Ice Cream Cakes
6. Zambified
7. Shoulda Seen It Coming
8. Rolling with the Blues
9. Sealed Inside Good Intentions
10. Sublime Angel
11. Funked Up
Joe Pitts Band: One Night Only
Liquid Groove Mojo
Acoustically Challenged
Liquid Groove Mojo
Cradle to the Gravet
1. Franklin's Tower
2. Sunshine
3. Little Wing
4. Mojo Workin'
5. Hello Goodbye
6. Walkin' the Dog
7. High Price
8. Thrill is Gone
9. Cradle to the Grave
10. Into The Mystic
11. Long Walk
12. The Same Thing
1. Long Walk
2. High Price
3. Hello Goodbye
4. Cradle To The Grave
5. Storm Warning
6. Time Is Running Out
7. Sunshine
8. Back To Memphis
9. If Heartaches Were Nickels
10. Aces High/Deuces Low
Liquid Groove Mojo
A Louisiana Hoodoo Night
1.Walkin' The Dog
2.Crosscut Saw
3.Born Under A Bad Sign
4.32-20 Blues
5.Don't Do It
6.Fire on the Bayou
7.Man On Bended Knee
8.High Price Of The Blues
9.Let's Straighten It Out
10.Further On Down The Road
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