Joe Pitts Gear Page
L-R1958 50 Anniversary Gibson ES335- Great sounding guitar 2003 67RI Gibson Flying V - A rockin' machine! 1988 Gibson LP Standard - Joe's #1 slide guitar Bert Clevenger Custom - Korina, Lightweight, GREAT Tone #34 Gigliotti GT Custom - Joe's favorite tele style guitar. This guitar has been all over the world with him 1999 Gibson LP R9 - Joe's #1 guitar. Has appeared on every CD Joe has played on, and been on several world tours. Kinda beat up, but it sounds like no other he's ever played. This guitar is at EVERY show.
JPB rig

Joe's touring rig with JPB. Fuchs ODS50 and Carol Ann JP50 Custom. Fullertone cabinets, Closed Back 1x12's both loaded with EV12L's. Fuchs Good Verbrations in loop on Carol Ann. Auralex Gramma Stage Dampeners. Joe also uses Clearsonic Plexi Panels in front of his cabinets.

Joe's Fuchs 50w ODS. This is Joe's flagship amp in his rig. Great tones, what Joe's tone and sound is based on. Joe is an endorsing artist with Fuchs Amps and Pedals.

2010 pedalboard. This changes from time to time. L-R... Boss DD3, Klon Centaur, Boss Blues Driver, Diaz Tremodillo, Crybaby Wah, Analogman Tuner Mute. Peterson Strobe tuner. Lehle a/b is used in the studio when multiple amps are on. Live, Joe uses 2 amps that are on all the time, paired with a Rene Martinez Splitter box.

Joe's signature amp. "Redman" is a Carol Ann JP50 Custom amp. Based on the OD2, but combined between the OD2 and the Bonamassa JB100, with some of Joe's variations, this amp is what is combined with the Fuchs to give Joe's signature sound. This amp has a huge, very articulate sound, and is Joe's favorite amp. 50w, 6L6 powered. On top, is a Fuchs Good Verbrations Reverb Pedal, that goes through the loop.
LGM rig
Joe's rig with Liquid Groove Mojo. Soldano HR50+ w/SLO appointments (basically a 50w SLO), and a Category 5 Tempest. Loves the rockin' tones this combo provides. Cabinets are Lopoline open back 1x12, loaded with Scumback H75 and Celestion G12-65.
Joe's Soldano HR50+ w/SLO appointments, and Category 5 Tempest. Joe has had the Soldano since the late 80's (89), and is endorsed by Category 5 Amps. Great tones. Think, Allman/Betts/Kossoff/Page tones.